DevOps Training Course in Kochi, Kerala

DevOps Training Course in Kochi, Kerala

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Course Description

DevOps is one of the promising fields in IT where there are a lot of job opportunities. It is considered to be a set of practices where the development and operations team work together to achieve the goal. This is done by using different tools in every step of the software development life cycle. To become a DevOps engineer, one needs to have skills in these tools and should be efficient enough to use them in their job, and learning new tools will help them to be more successful in their career.
Let us go through the roadmap of DevOps.

DevOps Gurukul provides Best DevOps Training Course in Kochi that are led by experts from the industry. The exposure one gets from completing our course will help them to build a better career. One should have a good understanding about Linux to have a bright future in this filed. We have Best Online Linux Course in Kerala for those who wish to start a career in DevOps. Contact us to know more about these courses! Wish you good luck!


Section 1 -

  • DevOps Training

    1. Learn a programming language

    2. Understanding different OS concepts

    3. Learn about Managing Servers

    4. Learn scripting

    5. Networking, Security and Protocols

    6. Learn some CI/CD tools

    • Jenkins
    • GitHub Actions
    • GitLab CI

    7. Learn Infrastructure as a code

    • Containers – Docker
    • Configuration Management – Ansible/Chef/Puppet
    • Container Orchestration – Kubernetes
    • Infrastructure Provisioning – Terraform

    8. Monitoring and logging tools

    9. Cloud

    • AWS
    • Azure
    • Google Cloud Platform

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