Best Linux Course Training Institute in Kochi, Kerala

Best Linux Course Training Institute in Kochi, Kerala

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Course Description

DevOps Gurukul has launched a new course called Master Program In DevOps. We are providing Best online linux course in Kerala and Best DevOps Training Course in Kerala. This course makes you efficient in developing the key skills needed to become a DevOps expert. You would learn DevOps principles like continuous monitoring, continuous delivery, continuous development and deployment and more using DevOps tools such as Linux, AWS, Python, Ansible, GIT, Jenkins, and Docker. The course provides us the essential knowledge of core concepts of DevOps. Helps you to master in the top three cloud platform providers — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform and more through hands-on projects.


Section 1 -

  • Linux

    MODULE 1: (5 days)

    • Introduction to Linux
    • History of Linux
    • Basic concepts of OS, Kernel
    • Shell and file structure
    • Basic commands of Linux
    • OS installation

    Linux Storage and File System

    • Memory Types
    • Filesystem

    MODULE 2: (15 days)

    • Run levels, Booting
    • Installing and updating software packages
    • User and group administration
    • Process Management
    • Controlling services and daemons
    • Linux file system permission
    • Disk partitioning, quota, backup and recovery
    • Scheduling task
    • Basic Scripting
    • Firewall, Selinux, Basics of Networking
    • Advanced Linux (Network based installation)

    MODULE 3: (15 days)

    • DNS, Mail server, Webserver (Apache, Nginx, Litespeed)
    • FTP server
    • Database server (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL)
    • RAID

    MODULE 4: (10 days)

    • Control Panels (Cyberpanel, cPanel, CWP, Plesk)
    • Basics of ticketing interfaces (WHMCS, SupportPal)
    • Troubleshooting (live scenarios)
    • Server Monitoring, monitoring tools
    • Data center

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