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Responsibilities of a Junior Technical Support Engineer

A technical support engineer’s main duty is to troubleshoot and resolve issues that arise in the system. They will have to deal with the technical issues reported by the customer or the issues that have been identified in their company infrastructure. They will have to support their team by identifying common issues and resolving them. A skilled technical support engineer will foresee future issues and identify them.

A junior technical support engineer will be the first point of contact to the customer who will be facing issues with the system. They must have good communication skills as they will be handling customer issues through calls, emails, and chats. They will have to monitor servers and networks and track the issues and escalate them to the corresponding teams. Every company will be having ticketing tools systems to track the issues. They will be asked to create tickets for each customer issue and they will have to monitor it and respond to the customer promptly. If they are in the server management field, proficiency in Linux is a must.

The main quality one should have to be successful in this career is the passion to improve your skills. When a customer approaches a technical support engineer with an issue, The steps they should do is

  1. Listen carefully and understand the problem.
  2. Properly log the issue in the ticketing system
  3. Do the research and try to recreate the issue in your local machine
  4. Troubleshoot and analyze the issue for finding solutions
  5. Politely ask the customer for more details, if needed
  6. Understand the root cause
  7. Properly escalate the issue to the team if you are not able to resolve the issue
  8. Provide prompt replies to the customer
  9. Ask for feedback to improve
  10. Document the technical knowledge for future reference

System Monitoring: Constantly monitor the system to detect issues.

Resolution and escalation:  if an issue is reported by the client, the technical support engineer must troubleshoot and find the solution for it. If you are not able to do it, escalate it to the seniors who will fix the issue in the given time

Customer Interaction:  A technical support engineer should be very good at customer interaction as they will be the first point of contact for the clients if they are facing any issue. They must have good verbal and written communication skill

Technical knowledge: They must be technically sound to fix the issues reported by the clients and also should update their skills accordingly.

The technical support engineer career path is as given below

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