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What is Access Control List ACL

What is Access Control List [ACL]?

If you are familiar with Linux, you will have an idea regarding the read, write and execute permission it gives to the owner, group, and other users in the system. But we will face scenarios where additional permission must be given to a particular user/group in the system. Here comes the use of ACL

Let us go through the commands in ACL

  • getfacl
  • setfacl

First, let us see the man page of both the commands

If you want to know about the ACL of a file, use the getfacl command as below

# getfacl filename

Now comes the command to set the ACL to a file

  1. To add permission for user
    setfacl -m “u:user:permissions” filename

2. To add permissions for a group

setfacl -m “g:group:permissions” filename

3. To remove a specific entry

“name” filename

4. To remove all entries

setfacl –b filename

If ACL is set on a file or a directory, you can see a ‘+’ sign when you list them

See the below example.

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