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Who can be a DevOps Engineer?

A person who has interest in the IT sector should be aware of the software development life cycle. They are

  • Plan
  • Code
  • Build
  • Test
  • Release
  • Deploy
  • Operate
  • Monitor

The main responsibility of an DevOps engineer is to automate each step of the software development life cycle to increase the product’s quality and to achieve faster delivery to the client. Now you may have a question. Is DevOps a technology? Is it like learning Java to become a java developer?

DevOps is a way of implementing different tools in the company’s product development process which will increase the efficiency and profit of the company. These are the skills you need to become a DevOps Engineer.

  • Expert in automation
  • Ability to plan, build and operate a technology stack
  • Expert in any programming language and tools like Docker, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, etc. which can vary according to the job.
  • Strong experience in Linux/Unix environment
  • Expert in any scripting language like python, shell, etc.
  • Good management skills
  • Experience in cloud infrastructure

Let me introduce you to 3 different tools in DevOps


Jenkins is one of the popular open-source integration tools used as a part of DevOps. The important aspect of DevOps is the continuous integration and continuous delivery to the client. Let me explain this in a simple way. When a developer commits the code to the repository, Jenkins builds the code and gives it to the testing tool used in the organization. Thus, Jenkins help to accelerate the software development process.

Docker can be defined as a software platform where the products can be delivered in different packages called containers. Containers are small packages with all the dependencies of your application code for it to run quickly. A docker container is a standalone, lightweight executable package of your application for it to run on any machine irrespective of the environment.

Amazon web service is a cloud platform that offers reliable, scalable, and cost-effective cloud computing services it provides storage, servers, networking security and other services for a company and they charge them as per the services used by the company.


Ansible is an automation tool provided by RedHat which deals with the configuration management and application deployment. It has built in modules which will help in writing automation scripts.

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