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5 Basic Commands in Linux That Every Linux User Should Know

5 Basic Commands in Linux That Every Linux User Should Know

Most of the users think that Linux is tough to learn. Linux was developed in 1991 and it got popular with time due to its open-source can be modified and redistributed by anyone. The Command Line Interface of Linux is powerful and every user should know some of the basic commands to use Linux.

Let’s go through some of the basic commands in Linux

  1. pwd Command

It prints the name of the current/working directory. We can see that it prints the absolute path of the current folder.

2. cd command

When we want to go through the directories in the system we use the cd (change directory) command.  

Let’s say you are in /home/devopsgurukul. Now you want to go to /home/file, you simply type cd /home/file.

There are other options in cd

  • cd .. -move one directory upwards
  • cd  -move to the home folder

3. ls command

ls command is used to list the contents of a directory

Example : ls /home/devopsguru kul lists the content of that devopsgurukul directory

There are many variations of ls command

  • ls –a list the hidden files
  • ls –l list with detailed information

4. cat command

cat is the short form of concatenate which is used to view the contents of a file

  • Example: cat f1

If you want to add content to a file you can use the “>” and “>>” operators. ‘>’ will overwrite the file and ‘>>’ will append the content

5. man command

Are you confused about the use of any command? Then use man command to get the details of that command

  • man command_name

There are lots of basic commands which a Linux user should know. We will discuss them in coming blog posts.

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