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Learn Linux with Online Courses, Classes2

Learn Linux with Online Courses, Classes, & Lessons.

The Covid-19 pandemic has given more importance to technology in the education field. We all know that the whole education system has moved to online learning around the world. This has increased the possibility of learning any topic through online courses.

Offline learning is also called traditional learning where a student goes to a training center or school and attends the class face to face with a trainer. The main difference in the process of learning which we have to look at in both online and offline training is

  • Location of the learning process
  • Flexibility of training
  • The student-trainer interaction
  • Modern teaching techniques

Let us take a deep look into the advantages and disadvantages of Online learning.

Advantages Disadvantages
Location is not a problem May lose the urge to study because of doing it alone
Flexible timings May fall for procrastination
Time-saving Lack of social interaction
Money-saving Topics may be limited
Recordings of classes will be available Discipline is must

Linux is an operating system, like Windows 10, DOS, or macOS. Linux is a very commonly used OS. We can do a lot of things without using GUI from the command line itself. Learning from the correct person is an important thing to consider. Learning on your own is also an option but, it is always better if you have a correct person to guide you who will provide you with correct knowledge which will act as a stepping stone to your career. Practical knowledge is very important when you start your job. So, it is always better if you join a course under an expert be it online or offline.

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