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5 most popular linux distributions

5 most popular Linux distributions

Linux is one of the widely used operating systems. It is open-source and is based on UNIX operating system. There are many Linux distributions available now. Linux distributions are the operating systems that are based on the Linux kernel. Let us go through 5 popular distributions.

  1. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the popular distributions which is widely used by beginners in Linux. It is very user-friendly. People use the applications like Firefox, GIMP, etc. for their day-to-day activities provided by it. It supports the GNOME desktop environment. Since it is a popular distribution used by a lot of people, there will be a lot of people in the community to help you if you face any issues.

  • CentOs

CentOs (Community Enterprise Operating System) is a Linux distribution that is functionally compatible with RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). CentOs is considered to be an Open-Source Project.

  • Fedora

Fedora is commonly used by beginners since it is reliable and stable. It has a simple installation process and there any many pre-set applications to start your journey in Linux. The Fedora project community is the developer of Fedora Linux and is sponsored by RedHat.

  • Debian

Debian is a free and open-source software, that is developed by technology enthusiast who volunteers to work on it and is supported by Debian project leaders. 

  • SUSE Linux

SUSE Linux is an operating system developed by SUSE. It is built on top of the free and open-source Linux kernel and is distributed with system and application software from other open-source projects.

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