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Importance of knowing Linux in the web hosting field

Importance of knowing Linux in the web hosting field

Web hosting service companies host websites for their clients. They ensure that their client’s site is live on the world wide web and is accessible to everyone. Web hosting must need the following things

  • Physical or virtual servers to host the site
  • Internet connectivity
  • DNS to obtain the IP address of a domain
  • A webserver 
  • Database
  • Mail server

Most of the companies use Linux-based servers sue to many reasons. Let’s try to understand the reasons for that. Linux is Free and Open Source.  This means that we can install Linux on any machine without paying any money. It helps the company to keep the cost low. We can say inexpensive hosting is one of the main reasons why the companies opt for Linux servers

Linux is compatible with other software and operating systems. For example, we can make a website in widows and host it on a Linux server without any problems

  • We can install Linux easily. It is very user-friendly.
  • There are many options for web servers, DNS servers in a wide variety. 
  • Linux servers are more secure. They very rarely experience security threats.
  • Hardware needs for a Linux server are less when compared to the windows server.
  • More freedom for a system administrator to work on a Linux server.  

 We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a wide range of opportunities in the IT field. Every business is moving to the online market these days. Web hosting is a field where you can start your career. So, learning Linux from the correct person will help you to start a successful career. DevOps Gurukul is one of the Best online Linux training in Kerala. You will be in the right hands to help you and guide you to be successful in what you do. Join the Best online Linux course in Kerala with us and Happy learning! 

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