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DevOps Career Roadmap

DevOps is one of the promising fields in IT where there are a lot of job opportunities. You might be thinking what all are the skills you would need to be a DevOps Engineer or where should you start to become one. Let me take you through a roadmap of DevOps.

1. Learn a programming language

You can learn any programming language like Python, Java, Ruby, etc. This will help you in automation.

2. Understanding different OS concepts

Basic knowledge and experience in Linux OS will be required if you want to have a successful career in DevOps Field. A good understanding of the process, network, file systems, I/O management, Virtualization is important.

3. Learn about Managing Servers

You will need to understand what system admins do and that will be needed to start a career in DevOps

4. Learn scripting

Understanding bash scripting will be helpful because there will be tasks for automation. You will need to have skill in any one of the editors in Linux like Vim/nano/Emacs.

5. Networking, Security and Protocols

6. Learn some CI/CD tools

  • Jenkins
  • GitHub Actions
  • GitLab CI

7. Learn Infrastructure as a code

  • Containers – Docker
  • Configuration Management – Ansible/Chef/Puppet
  • Container Orchestration – Kubernetes
  • Infrastructure Provisioning – Terraform

8. Monitoring and logging tools

9. Cloud

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform

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