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What is the purpose of version control tools?

When you have a number of developers working on software, there is a need for tracking the code so that we can efficiently manage the source code written by each developer. This is done by different version control tools. Like Git, Apache Subversion, etc. There will be a repository where the complete source code of the software will be saved. The developer will take a copy from the repository to his local machine. He will then make necessary changes in the code with respect to the task assigned to him and commit it to the repository so that the changes are reflected there and every other developer will get access to his code. If any issue arises in the code, this tool will help the team to compare with the previously committed version and thus help to track the issue and solve it without delay.

Each developer will be working on a different task for the same software. Let’s say, if they are building a website, one developer will be working on the home page, the other with the product catalog page. Once the tasks are completed, these should be integrated together to make it a complete website and thus the source code management tool is very important in any software development company. If the company does not have a version control tool, they will face difficulty in tracking whose commit made the issue. Using the version control tool, we can suddenly change to the previous version where the issue was not there and thus, we can compare the changes and find out which developers code made the issue and they will be able to fix it.

We can make multiple branches of the code from the repository so that multiple streams of code can work independently and, in the end, they all can merge the changes. And each change will be shown if 22 developers have changed in the same file and that helps to minimize the problems.

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