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Junior Technical Support Specialist Skills

Junior Technical Support Specialist Skills

In this developing IT world where everything is changing to digital the scope of a technical support engineer is very high. The covid-19 pandemic has opened a wide range of opportunities in the digital world as everyone understood the importance and reach of information technology. A technical support specialist helps people to solve the issues faced by the customer. If we take an example of a website hosting field, they can assist the customer who has trouble accessing their website. They must have good communication skills and excellent customer service skills.

The skills and responsibilities of a junior technical support specialist are given below

  • Install and configure systems in the organization.
  • When a client reaches out for help in some issue, respond to them as soon as possible and try to understand the problem.
  • Troubleshoot the issue try to resolve the issue.
  • Raise a ticket for the issue and update the ticket in a timely manner.
  • If there are any network problems fix that issue with high priority.
  • Record the issue and log the updates done for the issues for future reference.
  • Create a training material to train the new joiners in the organization.
  • Help the management to create new processes to maintain a good working environment.
  • Must have the urge to learn new technologies to update skills.
  • Must be adaptable to pressure situations.
  • Must attend to the small details of the clients.
  • Must have the knowledge to analyze error logs.
  • Ability to write clear emails and reports.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team.

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