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Not a computer geek? Still, want to study Linux? Read on and decide.

Computer has become an important aspect in our day-to-day life. Most of us are familiar with Windows operating system as we use it for internet surfing, word processing etc. Now you might have a question, why do we have Linux operating system? Linux is an open-source operating system. It is free and anyone can make changes to it so that we will get an updated and better operating system. Everything related to Linux can be discussed in various communities and thus we can learn many things from the developers and we don’t have to buy or upgrade to the next version of the operating system.

You might have another question; we all use windows for our personal use then where is this Linux operating system used? I will give you one example. We all use apps like Google, Amazon, Swiggy in our daily life. Linux is used in the server side of all these apps because it offers low-cost implementation. Now that cloud computing is gaining more importance, Linux is gaining more and more attention and in order to start a career in this field the first stepping stone is to learn Linux.

Are you a person who has no computer background and is interested to know more about it? Are you thinking about starting with learning the basics of Linux? Are you worried that your inexperience in the computer field will make your learning more difficult? Then I would like to say you are wrong. The only thing you need as a prerequisite to learn Linux is strong motivation and access to a computer that can run Linux.

Once you are sure that you want to know more about Linux, then you have to think about various ways to learn it. If you are sufficiently motivated and have good study habits, self-study is also an option. But I would recommend to get the training under an experienced trainer and get some practical knowledge too. Hands- on experience, extensive study and practice are extremely important in this field to start your career as a system admin or technical support engineer.

Now let us talk about what all are the career options for a person who is good in Linux

  1. Technical Support Engineer
  2. System Administrator
  3. Linux Administrator
  4. Linux Engineer- Application Support

Now say, you have decided to start your career as a system administrator, first let me tell you what all are the qualities you need to have to be a good system admin.

  1. Problem solving/Troubleshooting

    This is the most important quality which a system admin should have if he wants to excel in this field. You will have to use a logical and systematic approach to find the root cause of the issue and find a possible solution to fix the issue. The best problem solver will think about the future issues which can arise and find a way to fix them also.

  2. Flexibility

    When you begin your career as a system admin you will have to be flexible enough to work in shifts and also on weekends. The beginning years of your career will be very important to you as you will get much needed exposure to go up in the career ladder.

  3. Reluctant to do the same thing everyday

    Let me explain this with an example. There is a farmer who does all the physical work without any extra help. Doing the same thing every day makes him lazy and he thinks of buying a machine to do the work so that this will help to reduce his workload and complete the work in less time. This quality is needed for a system admin. If you find an issue which is repeating then you must take the initiative to automate it so that your work load become less.

  4. Communication Skills

    You should have good communication and interpersonal skill to be a good system admin. This career includes dealing with client issues so you should have a good understanding about basic principles and practices of customer service.

  5. Explore things on your own

    A system admin should be a person who tries to explore and gain knowledge on their own. When you are doing a job which excites you then this quality should come naturally.

  6. ‘Try and fail, but don’t fail to try’ attitude

    We all will face issues in our personal or professional life. But keep moving on attitude will help you to be successful.

If you feel that you are having these qualities and you are self-motivated to study and improve your skills then don’t wait, start learning Linux training courses with us!

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