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We all know that the IT industry is evolving in such a way that new technological breakthrough happens every now and then. One who wants to start a career in the IT field should be prepared to expand their knowledge and skillset by learning new technologies in their field of interest. If we have correct people to guide us in our career it would be very beneficial for us to move up the ladder. The idea of starting DevOps Gurukul training academy came from this thought of helping the right candidates to start a career in Linux system administration and DevOps platforms. If one wants to start their career as technical support engineer or system administrator, he/she should have proper knowledge on Linux. Our trainers are committed and are passion driven to support our vision to become one of the best Linux training institutes in Kerala.

Now a days DevOps is a promising career path for people who have right knowledge in both development and operations field. Our aim is to provide the best courses on DevOps tools also. We know that the most important feature of DevOps is the Continuous Integration and Continuous delivery (CI/CD) which will reduce manual processes in development, testing and deployment by using different automation tools. This will increase the product quality and also faster delivery to the client is achieved. So, more and more companies have started implementing these DevOps processes which is the reason there is a high demand for DevOps engineers in the industry. We have designed our Linux and DevOps courses in such a way that the candidates will get in-depth knowledge in these areas and will be helpful for them when they start working in the industry. By joining hands with us we assure you to assist you in all possible ways to begin your career. start your Devops training course with us! Let’s all work together in making your dream come true!

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