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Skills You Should Learn to Become a Cloud Engineer

In this technological era where everything is available over the internet, companies or business owners who used their data centers and other infrastructure before, have now moved on to provide on-demand resources and data storage on the pay-per-use way on the internet. The user will be able to access the platform remotely which will reduce the need for physical computing and memory of an individual device. As this technology is evolving into a promising one, so job opportunities are also very high in this field.

Let us see what are the main skills which a cloud engineer should have 

Knowledge in Linux

Linux is one of the backbones of IT infrastructure. Most of the companies like Amazon, Facebook uses Linux at their server-side. This shows how important it is for a cloud engineer to have a clear understanding and to have a hands-on experience on Linux. A cloud engineer should have experience in Linux system administration

Knowledge about different cloud service providers

There are different cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, Google cloud providers in the industry. The cloud engineer should have expertise in any one of these.

Programming skills

 A clod engineer should have proficiency in any programming language like Php, Java, Python

Database skills

One has to have an understanding of database querying languages like SQL and any database platform like Oracle database to be a good cloud engineer.

Clear understanding of DevOps practices

 As most of the companies are now moving to introduce DevOps tools in their software development cycles. A cloud engineer should have the correct knowledge to introduce different tools for containerization, virtualization.

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