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Things you want to know about Webhosting

In this technological age, we all know the importance of the Internet and social media. Suppose you have a small business idea and you are planning to implement that idea, the main thing which you need to focus on is that people should know that you are starting this business. In past years people used to put an advertisement in newspapers, distribute flyers in nearby areas so that more and more people will come to know about your business. Today, as everyone is on the internet as part of marketing, the first thing a business owner should do is create a website and market it on social media

The collection of web pages under a domain name is called a website. All the tails regarding your business can be shown there. Web hosting is a service that permits you to publish your website on the internet. A web hosting provider gives services like this so that users get access to your webpage. They make sure that the server is up and running. Service providers have various plans from which we can select anyone depending on our needs. We have to select one domain name which should match the name of our company. Web hosting service providers make this website accessible to users around the internet. We know that every website is hosted on a server then only it will be available to the users. When the URL of a particular website is typed to a web browser, the browser will take that address to find in which server it is stored. The information about the website is taken from that server and the web pages are available in the browser.

Types of Web Hosting Services

  • Shared hosting services
  • VPS (virtual private server) hosting services
  • Dedicated hosting services
  • Cloud hosting services

Shared hosting

In this type of hosting, your server is shared with one or more sites. So, this will be less expensive when compared to dedicated hosting. The main disadvantage is that since more than one site is there on the server, they will compete for the resources.

VPS hosting

Virtual private server hosting is used when your website has medium-level traffic. It is a much cheaper option than shared hosting. VPS hosting gives a virtual server that behaves like a physical server, in reality, it is shared with another website. It’s more secure, reliable, and shows good performance than shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting

In Dedicated hosting, one physical server is completely dedicated to that client. The client has complete control of that physical server so they can use it according to their requirement taking care of performance and security.

Cloud hosting

When we make websites accessible using cloud resources, it is called cloud hosting. Here, the website is not deployed on a single physical server. The website can be hosted on virtual or physical cloud servers. By doing this, we can scale the resources according to the requirements.

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